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   We Wish You the Greatest Christmas Gift of All


The season of Advent is drawing to a close. We hope that it has been a time of penitential reflection for all of our readers.


As John the Baptizer has called each of us to repentance, perhaps some of us have discovered that we are guilty of a particular sin. One may have realized that he is guilty of speaking false doctrine, while another may have realized that his practices are not consistent with his confession. Many more of us probably realize that we are guilty of tolerating false doctrine, staying silent when we should speak the truth in love.


The call to repentance is never pleasant to sinful ears, but it is good and most necessary. Indeed, it prepares us to receive the ultimate Christmas gift.


This Christmas we will receive the Son of God, who came down from heaven for mankind and for our salvation. We will hear the good news of great joy—for unto you is born a Savior (Luke 2:10-11). Yes, for you this Child was born—for you who have slandered God’s name with false doctrine, for you who have failed to correct an erring brother, and for you who do not walk in accordance with the Gospel.


And what will happen to this Child? As one beloved hymn puts it: “Nail, spear shall pierce Him through, The cross be borne for me, for you,” (LSB 370). And lest you doubt that this great sacrifice was for you, your Lord will give to you his body—the very same body laid in a manger and nailed to a tree—in the Sacrament.


The Board of Directors of the ACELC wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas. We pray that, having given your sins to Jesus, you will receive the good news from the pulpit and the Lord’s body in the Sacrament. We wish you the forgiveness of sins—the greatest Christmas gift of all.










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