The Bugenhagen Conference

The Bugenhagen Conference is a three day conference for pastors on practical theology. Attendance and meals at the conference are free to registrants. The conference will feature three keynote speakers and forty workshops presented by over twenty pastors.


The Lutheran Clarion (Luther Concerns Association)

The Lutheran Clarion is not such a voice of equivocation! Rather we of the LCA wish to embody the true meaning of the term Clarion in this publication. As my well-worn Webster s New World Dictionary puts it, ...the sound of a clarion [trumpet], or a sound like this...clear, sharp, and announce forcefully or loudly.  It is our hope that The Lutheran Clarion will be that clear, sharp, ringing, and forceful voice for true confessional Lutheranism in The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. It is our goal to provide for the consideration of those who hold membership in The LCMS a thoughtful, provocative, well-written counterpoint to what often fills our mailboxes with a counterfeit of true Confessional Lutheranism.

 We do this in the hope that our once faithful Synod will be able to recognize the often sugar-coated, pop-Lutheranism presented to us in the official media of the Synod, and by liberal political action groups within The LCMS, for what they actually represent: counterfeit Confessional Lutheranism. It is our sincere hope that The Lutheran Clarion will assist in the efforts of many within our Synod to restore our church body to its former faithfulness and the true meaning of being a Confessional Lutheran Synod.

Luther Classical College

The college will provide a conservative, classical Lutheran education to Lutheran students. Paramount will be the promotion of Christian culture, a stress on the priority of Christian marriage, family, and piety, and a cultivation of confessional Lutheran theology, liturgy, hymnody, and identity.  With courses using the “great books” of the past for the core curriculum, the college will offer Latin, history, theology, literature, logic, rhetoric, music, geometry, biology, and mathematics, all within a purposefully Christian and Lutheran framework.

All the Household

A place for Lutherans who want to use the Church's calendar to center their household life around the Church's Lord.

KNNA Radio

KNNA 95.7FM The Cross is a mission outreach to the world spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Based at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Lincoln, Nebraska, KNNA partners with fellow Lutheran congregations in the Lincoln circuit of the Nebraska District of the LCMS to bring quality, Lutheran-based Biblical teachings of God’s saving grace, a free gift through the sacrifice of His Son, not based on any work of our own, to our audience. Our community station also hosts ongoing events, broadcasts live services, rebroadcasts Lutheran-centric material (Issues, Etc. and the Lutheran Hour, for example), and hosts community shows based on popular music of cinema, big-band and lively discussion of current events. In the Lincoln area, the station can be tuned in at 95.7 FM. It can also be heard world-wide via our mobile apps and a link on our homepage at

scholia audio

The scholia audio YouTube channel provides videos where one may listen to psalms, devotions, readings, books, and sermons. While there are graphics and videos, the emphasis is the audio ... on hearing and listening.