Plan Now to Attend the Tenth Annual ACELC Free Conference July 27th through the 29th at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Eagle, NE. - "Christ For Us: Ecclesiastical Supervision"

July 27, 2021, 9:30 AM

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Annual ACELC Free Conference
Ecclesiastical Supervision

July 27-29, 2021
Immanuel Lutheran – Eagle, NE

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Christ Is the Head of the Church and All Things 


It is my privilege to present a paper for the upcoming ACELC conference on Ecclesiastical Supervision. My presentation will focus on the Christian view of authority in the church, government, and family—in short, all areas of life. Submission to authority has been a real bone of contention in the past year, especially in regards to pandemic measures and the recent civil unrest the U.S.

Holy Scripture gives us clear, though not easy, answers on how to live in a world abounding with abuses and evil people, especially those in authoritative positions. Yet, Christians are in positions of authority too: the institution of marriage details a divine ordering; Christians can be rulers and also citizens; and congregations must deal with sin, disobedience, and imperfect leaders constantly, since they are populated with sinners.

I pray this topic and conference will also help illuminate these timely questions:

  • How does disorder in the civil realm relate to family and marriage friction?
  • What does obedience to Christ look like in this world?
  • How is the Christian’s and church’s authority different from the government’s and the world’s?
  • Who is in charge of churches?
  • How are Christians to view evil, tyrannical governments?

I look forward to the opportunity to gather in person July 27-29 of this year at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Eagle, NE, and invite you to come also. There is great value in teaching, debating, and dealing with these issues in a free, open, and Christian manner—especially face-to-face—not only because they are pressing matters right now, but because God’s Word and the believer's difficulties in this world will continue until Christ returns.


In Christ,

Pastor Philip Hale

Zion Lutheran Church

Omaha, NE



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