The ACELC exists "to give a united voice against errors that are officially adopted in convention, tolerated, and/or promoted in the LCMS.”


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 Ember Days in Lent

Perhaps you are aware that the Western church has historically observed four periods each year called Ember Days. Essentially, in each of the four seasons, the church would devote a Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday to repentance and prayer. These days continued to be observed by the Church of the Reformation. As such, we are inviting you to use the Ember Days of Lent as an opportunity for repentance and prayer to God that He would defend the Church from error and bring true unity to our synod. You can use the following propers and prompts alone or in the context of a prayer office. We hope you will find these suggestions suitable for private devotion or corporate use.

Ember Friday (February 23rd)

“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” Matthew 5: 44

Psalm 102

Hymn: “Lord of Our Life” (LSB 659, TLH 258)

Readings: Ezekiel 18: 20-28, John 5: 1-15

You may wish to make use of The Suffrages (TLH p. 113).


Almighty and everlasting God, You would have all to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. By Your almighty power and unsearchable wisdom break and hinder all the counsels of those who hate Your Word and who, by corrupt teaching, would destroy it. Enlighten them with the knowledge of Your glory that they may know the riches of Your heavenly grace and, in peace and righteousness, serve You, the only true God; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Plan for Intercession

For the gift of humility and for grace to bear the cross;

For persecuted Christians;

For our enemies, the indifferent and the lapsed.



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ACELC Conference – June 18th & 19th – Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Kansas City, MO

The Conference Theme: A Fraternal Conversation: The State of Our Synod in 2024

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This video serves as a great discussion prompter for congregations, gatherings of circuit pastors, districts—all who care about the spiritual well-being of our brothers and sisters in Christ within the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. It spells out clearly the issues of doctrine and practice that continue to cause division within our synod and threaten our ability to walk together. It also shows our desire assist in the return to faithfulness within our synod.

We encourage you to watch this video, and use the study guides, as we together seek to deal with such issues, guided by the Holy Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions. We pray that these resources, and others available through the ACELC website, will be a blessing to you and our synod. We welcome your feedback.

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