Unionism & Syncretism, 2018

CHRIST FOR US: Unionism & Syncretism, 2018

August 28-29, 2018

Trinity Lutheran Church, Kearney, Missouri

  • Unionism & Syncretism: Who Cares?, Rev. Daniel Freeman

  • Debate and Controversy in the History of the LCMS, Rev. Dr. Martin Noland

  • Heretic? Hypocrite? Hero? Unionism and Syncretism in Light of St. Paul’s Pastoral Practice, Rev. Robert Morris

  • Addressing Unionism with Concord, Rev. Joel Brondos

  • Cooperio in Externa versus Communio in Sacris, Rev. Jonathan Lange

  • Avoiding Unionism and Syncretism on the Streets, Rev. Dean Kavouras

  • Two Kingdoms-Vocation: What We Should and Shouldn’t Do, Rev. Jonathan Lange


Handout:  Christian Compassion and Civic Prayer, Rev. Joel A. Brondos