Seven Theses on Worship

Our Lord is the Lord who serves. . . . The ACELC submits these theses to the Church, and specifically LCMS congregations, as embodying what we Lutherans believe about worship and how that translates into practice.

Communion Theses

This document is a list of ACELC’s seven theses on the Lord’s Supper. The theses are summarized here; further detail is provided in appendices on:
•    The Institution and Validity of the Lord’s Supper
•    The Purpose of the Lord’s Supper
•    Prerequisites to Communion Fellowship
•    Who Is Worthy and Well Prepared to Receive the Lord’s Supper
•    Who Is Not Worthy and Well Prepared
•    Pastoral Care in the Lord’s Supper
•    Pastoral Discretion in Extenuating Circumstances

Ten Theses on God’s Arrangement of the Sexes

Our Lutheran forefathers believed that God arranged creation in a certain way, giving order to all human existence which binds us together through a variety of relationships. This would include how the two sexes relate to each other. The ACELC offers these theses as our unanimous confession, explaining what the Holy Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions teach about God’s arrangement of the sexes within creation. pdf  video