Tuesday Opening Matins Service Sermon - Rev. Paul Harris

Conference Introduction - Rev. Clint Poppe

A Short History of the Discipline and Dispute Resolution
System of the LCMS - Dr. Martin Noland

Questions & Answer Session - Dr. Martin Noland

The Theology of Due Process: The Adjudication Cases of Robert Preus
in the LCMS and Rolf Preus in the ELS - Rev. Rolf Preus

Questions & Answers - Rev. Rolf Preus

From a Field of Dreams to a Fortress of Bylaws: How We Go
 to Our Current System – and How to Fix It - Rev. Charles Henrickson

Questions & Answers - Rev. Charles Henrickson

Tuesday Closing Vespers Sermon - Rev. Phil Young

Wednesday Opening Matins Service - Rev. Chris Hull

The Cross in Reconciliation - Rev. William Kilps

Questions & Answers - Rev. William Kilps

The Message of Reconciliation--and Its Trustworthy Stewards - Rev. Paul Nus

Questions & Answers - Rev. Paul Nus

The Message of Reconciliation and Its Trustworthy Stewards - Rev. Brent Kuhlman

Questions & Answers - Rev. Brent Kuhlman

Dispute Resolution and The Office of the Keys: A Case Study - Rev. Clint Poppe

Wednesday Closing Matins Sermon - Rev. Greg Truwe

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