Proposed Overtures For 2015 District Conventions

Suggested Overtures For 2015 District Conferences

To Address Lay Ministry According To The Lutheran Confessions and the Constituion of the LCMS

To Replace The Current Dispute Resolution Process

To Address the Nature of the Pastoral Office and the Unbiblical Removal of Men From That Office

To Ask the CTCR and Seminaries to Evaluate Transforming Churches Network

To Cease District Promotion and Involvement in Natural Church Development

To Clarify Synod’s Affirmation of Closed Communion

To Declare it Contrary to Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions to Join in Prayer With Those Who deny the Only Way to the True God

To Encourage Harmony in the Districts’ Worship

To Increase Communication Between District Office and Pastors Regarding Church Member Contacts

To Officially Acknowledge Closed Communion as Official LCMS Practice

To Reaffirm that the Standard for Pastoral Admission to the Lord’s Supper remains Full Agreement in All Articles of Christian Doctrine

To Reject and Condemn Errant Communion Practices

To Request That Synod State That Women Are Not to Have Authority Over Men

To Review AALC Relationship