December 13, 2012 - Overtures, Doctrinal & Otherwise, for 2013

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Overtures, Doctrinal & Otherwise, for 2013
Just when you thought it was safe to assume that political campaigning was over . . . here comes the Synodical Convention! I know, "Yuck!" Right?!
We in the ACELC are not a political organization, but we recognize that we walk together in a Synod wherein we have agreed to do things in a certain way. For instance, we have agreed that we will not divert from the exclusive use of approved hymnals. We have agreed that we do not practice open communion or engage in unionism or syncretism.
We in the ACELC are gravely concerned that these agreements are being broken by many in our Synod, who are permitted to remain – unchecked – within our fellowship. We believe this is grievous, and so we have spoken out about it. Since we are concerned about our congregations walking together, we also have followed our agreed upon ways of raising our voices in love.
One of those agreed upon ways is the submission of Overtures for District and Synodical conventions. Unfortunately, political and other forms of expediency often undermine the theological content of our Synodical decisions. It's expensive to have a convention – and we don't even spring for balloons! It takes time out of busy lives, and so the reading of the "Whereas" section of Overtures is often dispensed with.
We in the ACELC believe that's like getting rid of the turkey at Thanksgiving! It's the most important part, because the "Whereases" deal with the theology behind our walking together as Synod. Therefore, we are not apologetic about submitting Overtures for consideration, although we understand people may mistake this for being "political" – however people mean that. The truth is, this is simply how we have agreed to do things, and so we participate, hoping that the conversation and decision-making will be as robust and thorough as theological consideration must be.
We are firmly convinced that we, as a Synod, ought learn again how to carefully return to what we believe, teach and confess as the basis for a proper and God-pleasing walking together in all that Christ has entrusted to us. With that in mind, we have prepared and have now posted to our website some proposed Overtures for your consideration …
The ACELC Board is hopeful this brief note will encourage pastors and laity to urge their congregations, circuit forums, etc. to consider revising some or all of the above listed overtures to fit the Synodical Convention and submit them to the Secretary of our Synod by the March 2, 2013 deadline.
Your Servants For Christ's Sake,
ACELC Board of Directors
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