ACELC News Release - 10/1/2010 - Report Of 1st Meeting With COP Representatives
Dear Friends in Christ,
Today in St. Louis, at the International Center of the LCMS, 3 representatives of the ACELC Steering Committee (Rev. Drew Newman, Rev. Dan Bremer & Rev. Richard Bolland) met cordially and frankly for 4 1/2 hours with 1st Vice-President Herb Mueller, Nebraska District President Russ Sommerfeld, and Missouri District President Ray Mirly. At it's conclusion the 6 of us formulated the following statement and agreed that it could be circulated publicly. Should you choose to distribute this information to others, we ask that you PLEASE relay it EXACTLY and ONLY as it appears below.

Report of the “Group of Six” – (Richard Bolland, Daniel Bremer, Ray Mirly, Herbert Mueller, Drew Newman, Russ Sommerfeld)
1. We met in St. Louis October 1, 2010, and had fraternal discussion.

2. All six agree we have theological issues that need to be discussed under the Word of God.

3. The way we pastors talk and think about one another needs also to be brought under the Word of God.

4. Together we seek and support a process of the whole Synod to come to agreement on and to resolve these issues under the word of God.

Your Servants For Christ's Sake
The ACELC Steering Committee

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