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Pastor Harris . . . just for the record, we don't degsarie with anything you have written, and I have sent the link to your article to our full Steering Committee for consideration, but just speaking off the cuff . . . we were trying to specifically address only the one aspect of this issue and how it was playing out in the Church rather than to try and take on the full implications of this for society as a whole. We felt that how people viewed this Biblical doctrine playing out in the Church would also then impact how it plays out in the world. Thanks for your most excellent thinking on this subject!Yours in Christ's ServiceRev. Drew NewmanMember, ACELC Steering Committee
The LCMS has been restructured. If Synod no longer actively promotes TCN and the Church Growth Movement, but districts continue to do so, then what did restructuring of Synod accomplish. The districts promote programs that are either a duplication of Synod efforts, or such programs are in opposition to confessional Lutheran doctrine. Under such circumstances, how can the LCMS as a church focus on growing and thriving?

Now it is time to restructure the LCMS district. Have you considered the ELS or WELS district structure. The administrators are part time. I like the idea of a district president working as an assistant pastor to a congregation. Matt Harrison does this, and it keeps his skills as a pastor sharpened. We do not need full time administrators. If the district president is overburdened and needs help, then perhaps he could use a vice-president,who would also work as part-time assistant pastor.

Would the ACELC like to draft resolutions at the next Synod convention?

I would also support a resolution that makes tuition FREE for all who wish to study at an LCMS seminary. It does not make sense to burden seminary grads with no call, a degree that is useless in the private sector, and $60,000 dollars in student loan debt. Even if a seminary grad is lucky and gets a call, how can he expect to pay back his student loans on a $32,000 salary? $600 monthly tuition repayments, anyone?

Please make a motion to abolish the SMP program and replace it with distance-based education. Some classes, such as Hebrew and Greek, should be taken online. SMP is being used by church growth movement oriented districts to bypass the traditional confessional Lutheran curriculum at the seminaries.. Solutions: Since Fort Wayne cannot be sold, sell a Concordia and move the campus to Fort Wayne. Move the Fort Wayne seminary out West to Colorado Springs. The western part of the country could use a confessional Lutheran seminary.

Thank you.
Rev. Drew Newman
Jim . . . I'm curious as to why you think we are not being patient. I think we are being more than patient. We didn't get into this mess overnight, nor will we get out of it overnight. We will continue to be patient, but as our current president has written so eloquently, we will also continue in our duty to serve as barking dogs, reminding our Synod of what God has called us to be and to do as His children serving in His Church.
I find it amazing that I am now in the pitosion of counseling patience with the ACELC folks. In previous congregations I have been to far right of most of the laity and the clergy. If one reads communications between the ACELC folks, mostly pastors, there is a great deal of skepticism about the possibility of a sea change taking place in the LCMS. This current effort was initiated a year before Harrison's election and its emergence on the scene at convention time was purely a coincidence. With Harrison's election, my sense is that the feeling is we need to cut him some slack and see where this Koinonia Project goes. I've corresponded with a few of the ACELC pastors in the recent past and am convinced of their determination to highlight the errors and try one last time to urge repentance and a return to orthodoxy. Consequently, I would urge a little more patience to see how this all plays out. With the upcoming constituting conference in March of next year, we should see how officialdom of the LCMS responds to these admonitions. In fact, my view is that should the ACELC's concerns be ultimately rebuffed, as some expect, the infrastructure will already be in place for formation of a new confessional body, no? Call me pollyannish but lets hold our fire for awhile yet to see how this all plays out. Jim Craig
Drew Newman
Kelly . . . we are presently looking to submit all of the points of error either to the CTCR (in the case of errors which have been officially adopted by our Synod in Convention), or else to the Praesidium (in the case of errors that are in need of "ecclesiastical supervision") so that they can be handled by those who have the authority to handle them. I find it hard to see the ACELC as being schismatic (in spite of the fact that this is everyone's favorite charge to hurl at us) when our only purpose is to uphold and support the Synod in promoting and maintaining pure doctrine for the sake of the mission of the Church to proclaim the Gospel and administer the Sacraments.
Rev. Kelly D. Smith Sr.
While I wholly support and agree discussion on points of difference and that we our doctrinal unity is vital, I cannot see how the AELC can possibly be viewed as anything but schismatic?! To form another group and ignoring the processes of our Synod for resolution, holding other 'open' meetings of this group to discuss problems with "them over there" can be viewed only as schismatic. I don't disagree with many of your points, but I fervently disagree with the manner in which you are seeking to address them! As one who had Marquardt at Sem and enjoyed his classes, who was in the last confessions class that Robert Pruess taught, I have my coonservative 'chops.' HAving said that, I would say I am a "Lutheran" not a Marquadtian". pastorkds@hotmail.com
Dave Greathouse
I really support what you are doing... But I thinkit would be nice to include instructions on how to unsubscribe from the mailing lists! I dont have time to read all the great things there.. They just clog my inbox, until I have time to read them online....
Dave Greathouse
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